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How will I be billed when I cancel?
How will I be billed when I cancel?
Updated over a week ago

Once we've confirmed your notice of cancellation, you'll receive an invoice on your usual billing date within this 30 day period. If you're on a fixed-term contract, this will be charged at your normal monthly rate. If you're on a 30-day rolling contract, this amount will be pro-rated to only cover the service you receive up until your cancellation is processed.

For example:

You're usually billed on the 1st of each month > your cancellation notice is confirmed on the 17th of November > you'll be invoiced on the 1st of December as usual > your cancellation is then processed and you receive your final bill on the 17th of December

This final bill will cover any months remaining on your contract if you're cancelling earlier than your contract length; we don't charge any other early cancellation fees. If you're on the 30-day rolling contract, this won't be applicable.

If you pay by direct debit, we kindly ask that you don't cancel your mandate until the final payment goes through. This helps to make sure that your balance is all settled when your account with us closes.

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