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Choosing Our VoIP Service: Landline Phone Socket vs. Digital Landline
Choosing Our VoIP Service: Landline Phone Socket vs. Digital Landline
Updated over a week ago

When selecting our VoIP service, you have the option between the Landline Phone Socket and the Digital Landline. Here, we'll highlight the key differences and benefits of each.

Number Portability

Both products allow you to port your existing number from your current provider.

Digital Landline

  • Cost: £4.99 monthly, no upfront fee

  • Description: This service replaces your physical landline with an app on your mobile phone, functioning similarly to WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger. Your mobile number and the app remain separate.

  • Benefits:

    • Take your landline number with you wherever you go, so you never miss important calls when you're away from home.

    • Eliminate the need for traditional landline handsets, freeing up sockets and removing unsightly wires.

    • Customize your landline voicemail, ringtone, and more—all from one convenient app.

Landline Phone Socket

  • Cost: £9.99 monthly, £60 activation fee

  • Description: Ideal for those who prefer a separate, physical landline telephone in the home. This service requires a visit from one of our friendly engineers to install an ATA (Analogue Telephone Adapter), which connects between your router and your phone.

  • Benefits:

    • Continue using your home phones as usual, with no impact on their features or functions.

    • Enjoy the comfort and familiarity of a traditional landline telephone setup.

Choose the service that best fits your lifestyle and enjoy seamless connectivity with either option!

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